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Reduce Reuse Recycle!

Earth day is coming up this month and it’s a great time to think about reusing materials from the trash or the thrift store. I love saving money and reusing supplies as well as not contributing to more STUFF here on Earth.

earth day project

This is a project I came across that looks fairly easy to do with children, by yourself, or some adult friends. I like doing my projects alone, because it’s my “ME” time.  It’s very convenient if you already have a shredder at home, but if not you can still shred the paper by hand. Plus shredding paper is a good relaxation technique. 

earth day project  earth day project

Next, you soak the paper in water over night so that it’s nice and squishy.

earth day project  earth day project

The following day stick the paper in the blender with water making a paper milk shake.

  earth day project  earth day project

Once you got it nice and pasty you will throw in some small seeds of your choice, mix up real good so that it is evenly distributed.

earth day project  earth day project

Then comes the messy part. It really isn’t “that” messy, it can be done inside the house over a sink, but if it’s a beautiful day I would suggest doing it outside. Pour the mixture into a mould, this one is home made out of a picture frame and some wire stapled on one side. The mixture is spread out evenly on the wire, and set out to dry.

earth day project  earth day project

When the paper is nice and dry you can take it out and cut it into shapes of your liking and gift them to someone special like your mother. What a lovely way to reuse materials and add some flowers to the earth.




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