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Styrofoam Egg Decor Crafts

 These gorgeous colorful eggs are super easy to make by simply covering your Styrofoam Eggs with mod podge glue and rolling in a bowl of seed beads.

Egg Decorating

To make these vintage eggs simply cover your Styrofoam Eggs with mod podge glue, and then wrap it with jute cord also called hemp cord, and embellish with ribbon, lace, and/or buttons

This beautiful Easter egg tree looks easy and fun to make! Using Styrofoam Eggs covered in mod podge glue rolled in Glitter  glued to Styrofoam Cones filled in with some paper grass.

Egg Decorating

Using sequin pins to secure spring colored fabric pieces to a Styrofoam Eggs

 Styrofoam Eggs covered with mod podge glue and rolled in rhinestones.

Styrofoam Eggs covered with mod podge glue, wrap with embroidery thread

Or cover a Styrofoam Egg in buttons using sequin pins to secure them.

Wrap burlap over a Styrofoam Egg for a simple country look



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Easter Basket Candy Fillers for the Kids!

Take a look at these adorable Easter treats made using fillable ornaments!

Candy Filled Ornament

You can fill your chick with yellow starburst, butterscotch, lemon heads, etc.
and fill your Easter bunny with marshmallows or any other goodies of your choice. 

Then close off the back with a  foam sheet cut out.

Finish it off with some googly eyes, foam triangle cut out for the chicks beak,

Or pipe cleaner whiskers, and pom-pom nose, drawn on mouth for the bunny.

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Did you know March is National Craft Month?

There is a whole month dedicated to crafting, How Amazing is that!  What better way to celebrate than to post my very first craft blog.

Beaded Egg shape

The Beaded Egg

Everything to make it came in the kit, [Star-flake beads, Faceted Beads, Wire, Safety Pins] and it was fairly easy to make using the instructions provided, as long as you have a pliers and wire cutter tool.  Actually this was the first time I have ever done a safety pin/wire type craft. It was not difficult at all. It was pretty fun, and my kids got to help with having the next bead ready for me to put it on the wire.  My six year old was able to practice his pattern making skills.  At the end of making this , you can insert a strand of mini lights to make it sparkle.